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Indian Life and Health Insurance Sectors mentions that 44% of 1.3 Billion India’s population has not enrolled for health insurance. Henceforth, by this it is clear that more number of people cannot afford the medical expenses specially for the treatment of diseases like cancer.

Healthcare expenditure has percentage of GDP is just 4.7% in India, while the US spends about 18% of its GDP. Hence, India is lagging behind of other countries in providing healthcare to the people.

2.4 million Indians die of treatable conditions every year! Healthcare is a luxury which inaccessible for the poor. Health cannot be a privilege. Donate to help the underprivileged people for their health. Support them with access to medical help and give them a chance to fight their illnesses. We are blessed with an opportunity to unite and together provide a proper healthcare to poor and needy so that every person leads a disease-free life.

₹ 1000 per month Elderly medical care
₹ 600 per month Elderly medical care

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