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You can think of us & come forward to help them on special occasions like birthdays wedding days, remembrance day of your beloved one. For bookings contact Us

Sponsor one Child

Touch Heart, Change Life,
You Sponsor, We care

If you have a heart for adoption, Don’t let your fear stand in the way….

By giving monthly donation 4000 per month, you will be making direct impact o the life of one vulnerable child by providing them with constant, reliable care and building block for the bright Future.

  • A Safe Home and a warm bed at our orphanage
  • Healthy meals and Medical Care
  • Primary and secondary Education
  • Loving and caring staffs to take care of the children

What is child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a regular giving program, wherein your (monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual) contribution ensures education, healthcare support and a safe childhood to children. By children, we mean not just children in poor communities but also orphans, disabled, children with learning disabilities, children in conflict situations and children with limited or no access to schools or basic facilities.

The sponsored child keeps you informed about the progress made in their lives and that of the community. To effectively leverage the sponsored child’s efforts as an ambassador of the community in which he or she lives, we link each child to up to three donors.

₹ 4000 per month Sponsor one child

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